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Digital Asset and Content Management Strategy
Operational Efficiency Assessment
Process Design
Functional Architecture
Vendor Assessment and Selection
Implementation Planning


Technologies include: DAM, CMS, CRM, Social and Mobile Platforms as well as Marketing Automation and Marketing Resource Management.

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Omnichannel Digital Strategy

Digital content has become a critical resource for most companies today. 

Technology alone is not the strategic answer. A comprehensive strategy will take a holistic view and clearly define:

  • Where assets are stored and who manages retention, access, search, and collaboration

  • How assets are accessed and shared in and outside the company

  • What services are required throughout the life cycle of digital content and how these services will be procured most efficiently and cost effectively 

  • What technologies are required and how these technologies will be integrated 

  • An implementation timeline based on business priorities weight against project risk and complexity


When streamlining operations for content creation, collaboration, retention, re-use and rights management, companies can achieve

  • Faster time to market

  • Significant cost savings

  • Higher quality through best practice sharing

Most organizations can benefit from a Shared Content Services Desk or Group.  

This team supports not only the marketing function but can be a much needed resource also for PR, Training and Development, eCom, Compliance and other functions of the organization.


A holistic content management platform requires a complex integrated architecture. Adding the complexity of a fast changing landscape forces flexibility to the forefront of any design.
Cloud based solutions can help in many cases but most solutions will require multi-year road maps and an "evolution" approach. 
Most CIO/CTOs have realized that the IT infrastructure to support modern digital marketing is never completed but has to be continuously evolving to provide the needed flexibility.

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