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Tablet Based Marketing Channel

Top 10 Pharma Company

The company had experimented with a new marketing channel. Tablet based presentations, created at high cost by creative agencies, were used to convey complex medical information to doctors.

The results of the trials showed promise for more effective sales and a noticeable uptake in prescriptions.

The challenges were that the analytics for this channel were limited due to quality issues at data entry. The cost of each presentation was very high.

Magan led an effort to redesign the process and operational approach and the results were: 

  • Faster time to market - Presentations were completed in weeks instead of months 

  • Higher quality - There were hardly any issues with presentations in the field 

  • Cost Savings - The cost per presentation was reduced by 20%

  • Close Loop Analytics - The data entry issues were resolved and clean analytical reports were now available to the marketing teams

  • business has completely turned around and we’re proud to have been a part of this process.

Global Digital Marketing Shared Services

Global Fourtune 100 Consumer Goods Company

The challenges included: Cost, compliance and a lack of brand consistency. In addition, many sites were bare bones, because the lack of reusable components required each site to be build new from scratch. Budgets did not allow to include modern engagement practices.

Magan led an effort to design a Global Shared Services Organization that ensures: 

  • All web and mobile sites are compliant with all local regulations.

  • Sites are built with reusable components which lowers the cost.

  • Sites are built based on global branding guidelines thus ensuring global brand consistency.

  • Reusable components include social and mobile engagement widgets and tools which led to significantly higher consumer engagement.

  • All sites utilize an analytic tool set that produces consistent data sets for testing and site analytics across regions and brands.

Digital Asset Strategy and Shared Content Services Design

New York Fashion Brand

The company had grown exponentially and digital assets were managed in many different departments. In many cases without any policy or oversight. 

The brand had an increasing challenge to assess its overall appearance. With all these unmanaged assets, there was no holistic brand view possible. 

A first attempt at asset management was implemented with some success but the company was seeking a holistic asset strategy.

Magan worked with the technology and asset management team to define this strategy which included:

  • Operational streamlining and the creation of a Shared Content Services Desk

  • A Digital Asset Ownership Matrix that would define the responsibility over asset types, their storage location, as well as rules for access and rights management.

  • Development of a technology road-map for a comprehensive digital asset management solution that can grow and evolve. 

Global Omnichannel Marketing Hub

Global Beauty Product Company

The company had a Digital Asset Management system but it did not allow for an integrated workflow from the US based creative team to the local marketing teams around the world. The old system had limited adoption and required many manual tasks.

The Global Omnichannel Marketing Hub which replaced the old system provided many improvements and led to much higher adoption.

  • End-to-end workflows for all onmichannel marketing content

  • Market and channel specific visibility into the correct set of content

  • Integration with Adobe's Creative Cloud 

  • One source of truth for all global markets 

  • Much improved rights and data management

  • Seamless access from within the CMS system to the right set of approved and current web content

  • Significantly reduced production time of the annual product catalog